Lane Sample

Media: Photography

My husband and I moved to Anderson Island almost 10 years ago. Growing up in the Lakewood area, I have always loved the island and have fond memories of riding my bike in the 1970s and visiting friends in the 1980s. After living around the country for almost 20 years, moving back to the Pacific Northwest was wonderful. As the kids grew up, husband and I decided we needed a change from Lakewood and moved out here full time. Because of the the beauty we found every day, I picked up a camera again after not using one for years. (I had to, there is so much beauty here!) This was a game changer. I love photographing nature! Birds, mountain sunrises and colorful sunsets. I still work fulltime and do not have as much time for my photography as I wish. You can find me at or on Facebook where I often share my favorite photographs.