30 Day Art Challenge

This was the 4th year for the 30 Day Art Challenge, sponsored by the Anderson Island Cafe.  Though Island Arts was not directly involved in this program we want to give as much exposure as possible to the great work done by the artists who signed up for this year’s event.  Throughout the month of November each artist who entered was tasked to produce one piece of art per day for a total of 30 distinct works.  At the end of the month all of the work was turned in at the Cafe and was displayed to the public on Friday, December 4th, through Sunday, December 6th.  We congratulate all of the artists who participated in this year’s event and thank you to Barbara Lake and her staff for putting on this successful event.

What follows is images of the work of the winning artists in both the Adult and Youth categories, followed by the work of the other artists.

Adult Category

1st Place, Janine Bridges
Janine Bridges
2nd Place, Virginia Cummings
Virginia Cummings
3rd Place, Dana-Lynn Ballou
Dana-Lynn Ballou

Youth Category

1st Place, Kate Prisco
Kate Prisco
2nd Place, Maxeen Tromble
Maxeen Tromble
3rd Place, Trinity Tarter
Trinity Tarter
Other Entries
Penne Wilson
Zira Woods
Sarah Tromble
Neil Bart
Kelly Herzburg
Beula Robb