Art in the Park 2021

Ray Park, 10801 Cole Place

Sunday, Sept. 5, 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sponsored by Island Arts and Riviera Community Club

Art in the Park will be back this year after a Covid-induced hiatus in 2020. The event will once again be jointly sponsored by Island Arts and the Riviera Community Club.

Art Show Requirements:
• Accepting paintings, drawings, photographs and pottery or other 3-dimensional works
• Artwork must be properly framed and wired to hang from a peg, or ready to display on a table (3-D
• Work must be original, not done from a pattern or template
• Size must be no larger than 36×48 for framed pieces

If you do not wish to sell your artwork, enter NFS (not for sale) in the price area for each piece. The sales are direct to the artist. Island Arts will accept donations of 10% of sales of artwork. If you have pieces for sale, you or a representative must be present at the show to conduct sales.

Cost for each artist entering artwork is a $15 flat fee, to a maximum of three pieces. Please complete the information on the registration form (page 2) for each piece submitted.

Artwork needs to be brought to Ray Park at 10801 Cole Place on Anderson Island on Sunday September 5 between 8:45 & 9AM. Please be on time, as we will need time to hang the pieces. Show will open at 11:30AM and artwork MUST be picked up at the end of the show at 4PM. Late arriving items may not get displayed. All items, including those sold during the show, must remain on display until 4 pm.

Arts & Crafts Show Requirements:

• All items for sale must be designed by the artist.
• Artists and crafters will be assigned a table. All items for sale must be displayed only on that table. An optional display structure supplied by the artist or craftsperson may be used on top of or behind the table as long as it is no wider than 6 feet. No tent will be provided, so please bring a tent or umbrella if you need one. Cost is $20 per table. On the registration form (page 2), give a brief description of the type of items you plan to sell. Your table display must be set up no later than 10:30AM.

Entry Process:
The registration form can be completed on your computer. Please fill it out, save it to your computer, and email to: no later than August 15.

Download The Art in the Park 2021 Registration Form.

Entry fees should be made payable to Island Arts and sent to:
Island Arts
PO Box 88367
Steilacoom, WA 98388

Please don’t mail cash. Entry fees must be postmarked no later than August 15.

For questions, please contact Virginia Cummings, 714-318-6027,
or Beula Robb, 253-606-2375,

To pay to enter this year’s show as either a displaying artist or for an arts and crafts table please click on the appropriate link below:

Click here if you are registering as a displaying artist:

Click here if you are registering for an arts and crafts table: