Fiber Art, Mixed Media, Poetry, Watercolor

Michelle Hayes

Media: Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Water Color Poetry

“Bone Cancer”

his wife sits
weeping softly as he speaks
they both hurt

morphine drips
thin anesthesia
through veins
as my friend’s
brittle bones
he tells his life
drifting in and out
on tides of pain
there is
no more time

eyes close
pain with end too soon
eternal sleep

I have always had an affinity for natural textures and colors, which I translate into my expression of art. Early in my journey, as a youth, this involved experimental black and white darkroom techniques, knitting and macrame. Later, I wrote poetry about human experience, and I even taught a small online poetry and creative expression class when the internet was mostly bulletin board systems (BBS’s).

The last several years have found me playing with wool and other natural fibers and experimenting with natural dyes, spinning yarn, and weaving. I’ve played around with many different styles of weaving, but tapestry is my true favorite.