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As a volunteer organization, our passion is to bring art, poetry, photography, film, music, and more to Anderson Island, Washington. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant cultural landscape on the island, where people from all walks of life can come together and experience the magic of creativity and community.

The mission of Anderson Island Arts is to enrich the lives of people on Anderson Island by making the arts an integral and dynamic part of the community.




We believe that our local artists are the heart and soul of our community. We are deeply committed to showcasing their incredible talents through our workshops and art shows on Anderson Island. Each event is a celebration of creativity, a space where artists can come together to share their vision and inspire others. We believe that by fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, we can empower our artists to reach new heights and achieve their dreams. Our hope is that through our events, we can build a strong and vibrant arts community on the island, where every artist feels seen, heard, and appreciated. Join us in celebrating the beauty and power of art, and let us inspire each other to greatness.


The power of film is undeniable. It can transport us to new worlds, to challenge our perspectives, and to inspire us to make a difference. At the Anderson Island Film Festival, we bring together local, regional, and worldwide filmmakers to showcase their incredible work. We carefully select films that not only entertain and enrich our community but also inform and educate us on a diverse range of topics. Through the lens of these filmmakers, we gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and are inspired to take action towards positive change. We believe that film has the power to ignite the spark of creativity and passion within all of us, and we are committed to fostering an environment where filmmakers and film lovers alike can come together to celebrate the art of storytelling.


Music has the power to unite us, inspire us, and transport us to another world. At our concerts and events, we showcase the incredible talent of island musicians and bands from the surrounding area, spanning genres from classical to rock. From the soulful sounds of McNeil and the Prisoners to the upbeat tunes of The Kim and Brian Band, from the soaring melodies of the Tacoma Concert Band to the virtuosic piano performance of Ludmila Feldman, and from the heartfelt lyrics of adult contemporary musician Scott Cossu to countless other talented acts, we are continually amazed by the passion and dedication of these artists. By coming together to celebrate and support our local musicians, we can create a vibrant and thriving music scene that uplifts and inspires us all.


Anderson Island, Washington

Anderson Island may be small, but its potential is limitless. While some may see it as a retirement island, we refuse to let our community be defined by labels or limitations. We recognize that our separation from the mainland can make it challenging to access meaningful educational and cultural experiences, which is why we founded Anderson Island Arts. Our goal is to create a community-based organization that is dedicated to bringing the best of visual, performing, literary, and film arts and education to our residents. We believe that art has the power to unite us, to inspire us, and to transform our world. Through Anderson Island Arts, we are committed to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and providing opportunities for our community to grow and thrive. We invite you to join us on this journey, to discover the transformative power of art, and to help us create a vibrant and dynamic community that is defined by its limitless potential.

anderson Island Arts


 Connect with our local talent who create the best of visual, performing, literary, and film arts and education to our community.


“The Islander” is more than just a journal – it’s a celebration of the creativity and talent that thrives on Anderson Island. By sharing the work of visual artists, poets, writers, photographers, and local artisans, “The Islander” inspires us all to see the world through a different lens, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and to embrace our own artistic passions. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or simply a lover of art, “The Islander” is a testament to the power of creativity to bring people together and enrich our lives. So pick up a copy, immerse yourself in the stunning works within, and allow yourself to be moved by the amazing community of artists on Anderson Island.

You can pick up a copy at the Anderson Island General Store or email 


Volunteers have helped Anderson Island Arts become a thriving hub of artistic expression and community engagement on the island.