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Request for Submissions to The Islander Journal
It is time for another edition of The Islander, a journal produced and distributed here on Anderson Island by Island Arts. We are hoping to continue to showcase the many artists, writers, and photographers who live here on the island and share their extraordinary work with the many others who are touched by our Island. In this next edition we hope to showcase NATURE, although contributions certainly don’t need to be limited to that theme. Contributors have grown from approximately 20 in our first edition to over 40 in our last edition. The numbers only contribute to the creativity and diversity of our publication.
We invite all submissions and especially urge young people to share their work.
This will be our 4th Edition. Please submit your work as in the past. Photos, writing and pictures of artwork will be added based on our journal’s vision, mission and space. All proceeds are added to the Island Arts Scholarship Fund. With additional contributions the Art Scholarship fund has grown to $2000 this year. Information about applying can be found on our website.
The deadline for journal submissions will be the first week of May. Please email your submissions to:
If you are interested in looking at past issues you can purchase them at the Anderson Island General Store or at Blurb, an onsite self-publishing company:
If you need any help or have concerns or questions contact Glenn or Beula Robb.

 Covid Christmas

  By Joy Ng


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and here at our house,

Not a creature was coming, not even a mouse.


No big family dinner was planned to enjoy,

No cousins to play with–not a girl, nor a boy.


The family in quarantine, stayed home alone,

We couldn’t go out, there was nowhere to roam.


The theatre was closed, and the park, and the school,

All the parties were cancelled; it just wasn’t cool.


Even churches were limited, not all could go.

25 sat inside, others out in the snow.


The choir couldn’t sing; oh, how sad was the plight.

It was going to be very silent tonight.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of school days-past danced in their heads.


And Papa and I wore our own matching masks,

Sat six feet apart as we did Christmas tasks.


We washed our hands well, sanitizer applied,

Then wrapped up the presents, all covid-complied.


We hadn’t been able to find all we needed,

Maybe Santa would come, and our wishes be heeded.


Then, what to our wondering eyes did appear?

No, not Santa and there were no tiny reindeer.


‘Twas the Amazon truck, and the shipping was free!

He brought lots of gifts to put under the tree.


The driver descended, so lively and quick,

Left each box on the porch, so he wouldn’t get sick.


There were TP and soap, and new masks for us all,

Paper towels and beef, all from stores that are small.


They were just what we wanted; our wishes came true!

We were filled with thanksgiving and Christmas joy, too.


Then we heard him declare, as he drove out of sight,

The vaccine is coming, you all hang on tight!


Merry Christmas from the Ngs