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Carol Paschal

Media: Oil Painting


As a child I drew horses constantly in class, when I should have been paying attention to the teacher. When I hit the self-conscious teens, I didn’t try again for about 40 years. When I started thinking about retiring, I started to spend time with some other Anderson Islanders drawing, and then I tried oil-painting. I was so excited that I could make a painting that actually looked like a pepper, even an artichoke! At that point, I thought I knew a lot. Now, after painting for about eight years, I realize I know very little. I’m still trying, though, and having more fun as I’m able to apply things I’ve been taught by some very generous teachers.

Still life in oil

One of my first paintings

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Sean Griffin

Media: Photography
Sean Griffin is a writer, photographer and amateur scientist who made Anderson Island his home beginning in 2013.
As a journalist, he was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His photography has been recognized by The Smithsonian. He is listed as co-author of 14 astronomical research papers in leading scientific journals – including one documenting the detection of the first particles from outside our solar system. On Jan. 15, 2003, while working for The Boeing Company, he became the first person in history to publish an article and photograph to a website from an airplane in flight.
He is the owner of Anderson Island Photography, and publishes an Anderson Island Calendar, as well as a large assortment of greeting cards, which are available at the Anderson Island General Store and the Johnson Farm Gift Shop. He is an acclaimed portrait and fashion photographer. His complete portfolio can be found on his website, where photographs can be printed conventionally or on a variety of media, ranging from cell phone cases to shower curtains.
He offers free portrait sessions for anyone beginning a cancer or other mortality-related journey, and remembrance photographs for families whose newborns won’t be coming home from the hospital.
In 2015, Sean married Esther Stark, a gifted artist in her own right.
Studio: 10316 107th Ave Ct, Anderson Island, WA 98303 253-820-4846


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Esther Stark

Media: Acrylics



It was not until adulthood that I realized life is best lived outside my comfort zone. My past four decades have consisted of raising four sons (now grown with children of their own), owning two restaurants, working as an executive secretary, and 26 years as a legal assistant. I’ve always held a passion for learning. After my sons were grown, I took classes in web design and established an online business. I became a Black Belt in Taekwondo martial arts.  In 2015, I retired from my legal career when I married Sean Griffin and moved to Anderson Island.  Retirement afforded me the opportunity to pursue additional desires: learning to play guitar and ukulele, and discovering the passion of my life, acrylic painting. “Moon over Mount Rainier” placed Third of People’s Choice at the 2017 Art in the Park, my collection of paintings placed First at both the 2017 and 2018 November Art Challenges, my “Blues Singer” graces the cover of the June 2019 Islander, the new arts journal for Anderson Island, and I hold a monthly “Paint with Esther” class.


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Belen Schneider

Media: Photography

I’m a designer by trade, and wildlife photographer by passion. A twelve-year resident of Anderson Island, I treasure this tiny oasis of towering trees and serene views that offers me a window into the secrets of nature – from majestic raptors on the hunt to baby birds exploring their new world, breaching orcas to curious raccoons. You’ll find my work at island art shows, for sale at the General Store, online, and I welcome custom orders by request. Come explore the magic of Puget Sound with me!
Photography Website:
Flickr Feed:






Lynne Jacobsen

Media: Oil Painting


I studied art during high school and college, graduating from Eastern Washington University with a degree in art, and art education. Eventually I returned to school earning a degree in nursing. Since retirement, I have focused on my art, teaching art classes on Anderson Island, and studying and taking classes to improve my skills. I work mainly in oils but also love pastels and watercolor. Currently I am exploring the composition and color with an emphasis on movement, energy and light. I am excited to share my vision with the artistic community on Anderson Island.
Address: 12728 Drayton Road, Anderson Island WA 98303
Tel: 253-320-5571

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Cheryl Steffen

Media: Photography


Cheryl Steffen – In 1999 I found Anderson Island while riding my bicycle in Steilacoom, hopped on the ferry and rode around and fell in love. The following year I purchased my home and have enjoyed the beauty and peace of this island ever since. My interest in photography was inspired because of my limited eyesight, macro photography expanded my world. I am drawn to intense colors, reflections and high contrast landscapes that highlight the beauty of nature. My goal is to retire from real estate in 2019 and dive into photography full-time and develop my passion.



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Gayle McDaniel

Media:  Watercolor


A native of SoCal, I am now fortunate to spend much of my time on Anderson Island.  I’m a graduate of Woodbury University. My background is in design. I was a decorative artist for interior designers, and a graphic designer and illustrator for the giftware and party goods industry. I have studied ceramics, printmaking, graphic design and animation but watercolor painting has long been my favorite medium for creating art. I enjoy painting the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the weather changes quickly, skies become dramatic, sunsets explode with color, reflections in water quickly move from still to fluid abstract puddles of beauty. I am also attracted to still life images of fruits, vegetables and flowers, harvested from my garden, and drawn to objects in a natural setting that catch sunlight and cast deep shadows. I love incorporating people in my landscapes interacting with nature, often using my grandchildren as subjects.I am a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.I have exhibited paintings in the Peninsula Art League’s annual Juried Open Art Exhibition since 2012, now held at the beautiful Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor.

Recent Awards: Best of Show 2019 Winter at the Farm Anderson Island

3rd Place 2018 Peninsula Art League Gig Harbor

1st Place 2018 Winter at the Farm Anderson Island

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Linda Higginbotham

Media:  Wood, Painting


What can I say, I love wood. I love the feel of it. It is definitely alive and I love seeing what it wants to be. Painting is in my blood too. My biggest problem is there’s so many art forms I enjoy that I can’t spend enough time in each. Lately I’ve been enthralled with Folk Art and Poured Painting. 

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Cindy Mazzeo

Media:  Acrylic, Oil, Sumi Ink


I come from a family of artists but have no real training.  I have taken a few Sumi classes and a couple of one day classes.  When we purchased our home on the island I found myself inspired to paint.  I have been painting for about 10 years.  Mostly acrylic but I have done some oils and Sumi.  I had to stop painting when I was having vision problems but now have had surgery and eyes are good so I am back at what I love.  I love that there are so many artists here on the Island.  It is a perfect place to create and share what I love doing.

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James Cook

Media:  Photography


After thirty four years of service to our country, and working with humanity, I adopted the lens as an extension of the spirit of mindfulness. Respecting nature and humanity allows me to communicate images that can express a feeling of calm and peacefulness.I have selected some of my work from my website,, and continue to serve through helping those who need to discover their coping capabilities. Thank you for your interest.

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Penne Wilson

Media:  Poetry, painting


I moved to Washington, in 2016 from Albuquerque, NM, landing first in Puyallup and then fulfilling a life-long fantasy to live on an island, I purchased a home and moved to Anderson Island in 2018. I was born in California but spent most of my first 34 years in Pueblo, Colorado, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in English, married. and had my children. In my 34 years in Albuquerque, I raised my children, got a divorce, and I earned a Ph.D. in distance education and multi-media and a Master’s in Educational Administration from the University of New Mexico.

I have two wonderful daughters: My older daughter, Karie, is an attorney in Las Vegas, NV, and the younger one, Jaime, is a counselor at Puyallup High School, in Puyallup, WA. My amazing granddaughter, McKenna, will testify to the wonders of Anderson Island.  I also have two adopted sons: Jeff who lives in Baton Rouge, LA, and Keonte, who lives in Albuquerque, NM and four grandsons: Parrish, Ashton, Jackson, and Amir’e.  I live with my menagerie, Mack the cat, Layla a senior citizen cocker spaniel, and Riley, a miniature poodle.

I have a total of 50 years of experience in education and I am currently teaching high school English at Great Lakes Learning Academy, a totally online school located in Lansing, MI. In addition to teaching, I am a published poet and I paint, take photographs, read, sew, garden, and live every day to the fullest, enjoying the many blessings of my life.


“My life has been the poem I would have writ

But I could not both live and utter it.”  Henry David Thoreau

“The Cleansing”

Woodland pond

Silent reflective waters

Made passive by a fog of fear

Protected from storms

By a deep forest of spent emotions

Sheltered by doubts



Into the mist

A gentle breeze

Lifts the edges of fog

Softly stirs the pond’s stagnant surface


Underneath, currents long dormant

Awake, uncomfortable slowly intensifying

The unrelenting breeze

Pulses, pushes against the fog

Raises white caps in the water

Eddies once locked in fear

Clamber to be free


“The Summons”

Alone on the worn wooden swing,

I drag my bare toes

Trace enchanted patterns

Through powdery soft earth


Cool restless breezes arise

Tempt my hair – tease it from its tangled braids;

Lift my spring green skirt

Caress me with a sigh.


Summoned by my desires

A nut brown pony appears

Drawn by my dreams

Born of the naked dirt.


I lift my face to the breezes

Mount my untamed friend

Twin manes flowing behind,

We glide across dream splattered meadows


soft brown, pale green




Having a love I do not want…

Wanting a love I do not have…

If, suddenly, this love for which

I have so long desired were mine,

Would I want it anymore?


Wanting a love I do not have…

Having I love I do not want…

If this love I have possessed for so long

Were suddenly stripped away,

Would I want it back?


Wanting a love which eludes me…

Having a love which ensnares me…

Or is it simply that…

            I am wanting?



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Nori Hashibe

Media: Multi-media


BFA and MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, California.

Laguna Art Festival  -Mayor’s Purchase Award

Gallery  director – Mount San Antonio College. Los Angeles,

Consultant  -Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Ca.

Consultant  -Moa Foundation, Moa Art Museum, Japan

Consultant  -Kunstmuseum, Wofsburg, Germany

A Contributing writer, “Machiaruki Journal”, Tokyo, Japan.

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Corey Feldon

Media:  Photography


As a sailor who spends much time on the waters of South Puget Sound, and beyond, I’m witness to the most glorious displays of astounding beauty that Mother Nature has to offer up.  I enjoy sharing these moments with others.  Our family made Anderson Island our forever home in 2015.  We own and operate Full Sails Bartending and South Sound Sailing Tours.  More of my photography, along with some other really great things, can be found on our website at:

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Susan Crawford

Media:  Painting


I moved to Anderson Island in 2013.  In my retirement I turned to my passionate love of painting which I was not able to do while working in a Corporate atmosphere in S. CA.  I graduated with an Art minor at the University of Arizona.

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J. Michael McNally

Media: Acrylic Painting; Figurative Fusion®



I describe my art work as Figurative Fusion®.  My paintings are largely representational but also infused with various painting styles which may have influences from Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstraction.  I am a self taught artist who discovered Acrylic painting later in life after spending 35 + years in corporate America.  I retreated here to Anderson Island from the Eastside of Seattle in 2018 and have not looked back.  I’m interested in exploring many painting styles and hopefully never be pigeon-holed into one painting style.  I did minor in Western European Art History at UCSD, La Jolla, CA.  Please feel free to contact me through my artist website:

Aerial Image Seattle – 36″x24″


Lake Union 1 – 24″ x 30″


Oregon Coast IV – 24″x30″


Lake Florence – 48″x30″


Johnson Farm – 36″x48″

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Danielle Rebel

Media: Painting


Danielle Rebel is an island artist who paints in her spare time in between caring for her three girls, her father and spending time with her better half.  She juggles her career as a psychiatric registered nurse, specializing in education and prevention, with her other hobbies of kayaking, gardening and long walks.  Danielle Rebel has spent her most recent years painting, focusing on social justice art and landscapes of the island.  Her paintings include portraits of people from around the world.  Her work includes a touch of realism, an urban feel and spontaneous color.  “As an artist I feel like I am still growing, exploring materials to use and subjects to paint.  I am pushing my skill and my expression to the next level.  So I am an artist in progress.”

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Dana-Lynn Ballou

Media:  Glass Art


Website:    or

When I was 10, I broke my arm at the Old Schoolhouse and had to do a lot of writing for physical therapy, and that’s when I fell in love with calligraphy.  From that, I learned to find beauty in the lines, shapes, and colors of everything.   I have dabbled in just about every art and craft and loved them all.  As I have navigated grief and loss for the last few years, I have found comfort in creating warm glass. 

I am an island kid.  I grew up on Anderson Island from 1st grade on.  I raised my own family here, and I have enjoyed being the island school secretary for nearly 25 years.  This is the most beautiful place to live and create because the inspiration for art and life is everywhere.  






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Deborah Anderson

Media:  Watercolor


Time spent on Anderson Island counts among my best memories, since even before I can remember!  When I was a baby, my family bought an old farmhouse on East Oro Bay, and we spent many idyllic summers there.  I grew up in Tacoma, but now live in Steilacoom and enjoy a wonderful view of the islands.  My brother Rick and his family live on the island, as does my son Michael.  Painting came relatively late in life to me but now it plays a big role.  I especially enjoy trying to capture scenes from my many travels, as well as local beauty.  Watercolor remains my medium of choice, although occasionally a pencil or ink sketch sneaks into the collection.   For more information, please go to my website:

Olive Trees


Cape Cod East Sandwich Boardwalk


Late Afternoon Sun on the Bluffs at Pacific Beach


Icicle Creek II


Garden Flowers


Siena Tower


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Thomas Blue Cool

Media:  Woodcarving


Thomas started to carve about 20 years ago while he was hiking on the Washington coast, picking up random pieces of driftwood with interesting features and began to “whittle” away.  He has carved hundreds of pieces ranging from large to small, giving most of them away and selling a few as he developed his skill as a wood carver and artist.  “My work represents the individual character of the ‘found wood’ I discover on my many adventures



Beach Bums


Anderson Island Sea Monster

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Dale and Sonja Hopkins

Media: Metalwork;  Poetry

Contact:  or

Moving to Anderson Island nearly 17 years ago has been the best decision we’ve made for our retirement years. We love being a part of this unique artisan community. Dale and I have created metal art for the past 7 years. I do the designing via computer and Dale works the magic on his plasma table in HoppyShop.  After retiring from over 47 years as a master craftsman, i.e., welder/fitter/fabricator, Dale knew he wanted to continue doing the work he loved. If metal is magic, Dale is the wizard!  His work in the shop evolved from doing various equipment repairs, to building utility trailers and handrails to finally purchasing a plasma table and creating custom art.  The lamps in the McGoldrick Library at the Archival Building at the historical Johnson Farm were featured in Tanner’s Ruralite Magazine last year and are an example of our work. You will also see our metal art displayed at the Lakeshore Restaurant and the Community Center.  One of our valued customers told us “you don’t create art, you create memories!”

In addition to teaching others how to prune the beautiful apple orchard here on the island, and creating the designs for our metal art, I am a certified life coach, a writer and, in addition to my blog, Sonja’s Safe Harbor, I’ve written several poems a few of which are displayed here. I also teach online classes on Emotional Resilience and Life Skills. Both classes focus on adapting to our changing times. While I worked at Boeing, I was a certified instructor for “Who Moved My Cheese” classes and I created and delivered classes on Cultural Sensitivity to expats that supported the airplanes all over the world.  I’ve sung with the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and have written a couple of songs which are on a CD.  My genre ranges from sacred, to country western (the oldies), to ballads. If you have been to Karaoke night at the Lakeshore you may have heard me yodel! (“Sonja Lorrigan Hopkins won top honors at the Yahoo Yodel Challenge singing “He Taught Me to Yodel” – The Search for America’s Favorite Amateur Yodeler contest, held Aug. 28, 2003 in Seattle. She won $500 for her efforts and a trip to New York City in September to compete at the national level.”)

Deer at Lakeshore Restaurant


Heron and Cattails (Lakeshore Restaurant)


Lampshades in McGoldrick Library, Johnson Farm


Dale Welding in His Shop
Poetry by Sonja Hopkins

Love is Spoken Here


I offer you this spark of what is light to me

To touch your soul from within my heart

Love is spoken here.


Learning in this school of life requires clarity.

Weaving threads of intention into possibility.

As we move into sacred space, of this you can be sure

The unconditional love I share is a priceless gift for you.


I offer you this spark of what is light to me

To touch your soul from within my heart

And not to tell you who to be

I offer you this spark of what is light to me

To guide you through the dark – not to tell you what to see.

Love is spoken here


I would not interfere with any creed of yours

Nor wish it to appear that I have all the cures

There is so much to know, so many things are true.

The way my feet must go may not be best for you.


I offer you this spark of what is light to me

To touch your soul from within my heart

And not to tell you who to be

I offer you this spark of what is light to me

To guide you through the dark – not to tell you what to see.

Love is spoken here.  Love is spoken here


(Voice at the end is my 6 year old Granddaughter, Jessica)


“I’m not sure what my Grammy does.

I think she teaches people how to love.”

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Virginia Cummings

Media:  Watercolor


I have always enjoyed color.  Exploring color thru an artist’s eye opens you up to a whole palet of colors of different hues, values and tones and how they harmonize together.  Even painting white has an array of reflections of colors. I hope when viewing my painting you will take the time to discover the joy of color.

I have only had a few college art classes before I moved to Anderson Island but always had an interest in art.  Once I moved to the island, I started by taking art classes from Lynne Jacobsen. Enjoyed it so much that I continued classes and workshops from other local artist, trying different mediums but always returning to watercolor.  I continued experimenting with watercolor and ended up teaching a watercolor class which pushed me to expand my skills and  techniques.  I think I will always enjoy exploring new mediums, new paints, and new techniques.

Golden Gate Bridge


Flower 1


Flower 2


Pen and Ink

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Michelle Hayes

Media:  Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Water Color Poetry


I have always had an affinity for natural textures and colors, which I translate into my expression of art.  Early in my journey, as a youth, this involved experimental black and white darkroom techniques, knitting and macrame.  Later, I wrote poetry about human experience, and I even taught a small online poetry and creative expression class when the internet was mostly bulletin board systems (BBS’s).  

The last several years have found me playing with wool and other natural fibers and experimenting with natural dyes, spinning yarn, and weaving.  I’ve played around with many different styles of weaving, but tapestry is my true favorite.

First Mother-hand spun alpaca, silk, mohair and wool dyed with natural plant based dyes.  Adorned with mother of pearl star shaped beads.

Mariposa-portrait woven with handspun wool, alpaca, and silk.  Adorned with heart shaped buttons

Along with tapestry, I’ve also dabbled in mixed media silk fusion techniques that involves creating silk paper and incorporating pieces of nature to create unusual new ways to envision simple forest finds.

Lately, I’ve focused more on watercolor painting.  My style ranges from whimsy to realistic, but always with a playful aspect. 


“Bone Cancer”

his wife sits 

weeping softly as he speaks

they both hurt


morphine drips

thin anesthesia

through veins


as my friend’s

brittle bones


he tells his life

drifting in and out

on tides of pain

there is

no more time


eyes close

pain with end too soon

eternal sleep

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Candace Cragg

Media:  Jewelry Making


I am a jewelry artist who loves creating with my hands: hammering , forming , texturing and soldering sterling silver.

All are “ one offs” so each piece is unique. Many are set with pearls or semiprecious stones.

All my pieces are entirely handmade here in my studio on beautiful Anderson Island.

Candace’s Backyard Studio

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Lane Sample

Media: Photography

Contact: kurtlanes@yahoolcom

My husband and I moved to Anderson Island almost 10 years ago.  Growing up in the Lakewood area,  I have always loved the island and have fond memories of riding my bike in the 1970s and visiting friends in the 1980s.  After living around the country for almost 20 years, moving back to the Pacific Northwest was wonderful.  As the kids grew up, husband and I decided we needed a change from Lakewood and moved out here full time. Because of the the beauty we found every day, I picked up a camera again after not using one for years. (I had to, there is so much beauty here!) This was a game changer.  I love photographing nature!  Birds, mountain sunrises and colorful sunsets.  I still work fulltime and do not have as much time for my photography as I wish.  You can find me at or on Facebook where I often share my favorite photographs. 


Cormorant Eyes

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