Anderson Island Historic Society Photo Contest 2020

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 12.

Please register by filling out the following form and clicking the register button.  

If you have registered, you need to be logged to the submit the name and category of each photo that you plan to enter  ( To log in, click the LOGIN button at the bottom of the form)







Anderson Island Historical Society Photo Contest 2020

Rules and Registration Form

Please review these rules and regulations:

  • Pictures submitted must be 8×10 inches
    ○    Crop pictures if necessary, to fit.  We use 8×10 frames
    ○    Do NOT frame your photos
  • Photos must have been taken on Anderson Island after June 2019
  • Registration for the contest is due Wednesday, August 12.
  • Photos must be delivered to the Archival Building at the Farm on Saturday between the hours of 9 and noon on either August 15 or August 22.
  • Maximum of three photos allowed



Our Neighbors:  People at work or play:  Identify people if possible
Critters:  Large and small friends and pest, domestic or wild
Landscapes: Sound views, mountains, boats, scenes that make us feel fortunate to live on Anderson Island
Close-ups: (Macro Lens) photos
Historical: Photographs of historical sites.
Events: Happenings on the island such as a storm or fire

Photographers 12 and under may submit photos and will be judged separately. 


Prizes will be awarded in each category:
   1st Prize $25
   2nd Prize $10
   3rd Prize $5

Best of Show will be awarded $50

Please use the following link to fill out the information for the photographs that you will submit or pickup a paper form

All entries become the property of the Anderson Island Historical Society and may be reproduced by the Society.