Gingerbread House and Christmas Cookie Decorating Project

In early December Island Arts provided gingerbread house and Christmas cookie decorating kits to the Anderson Island Elementary School and the Share & Care program for adults. On Friday, December 3rd, the children at the school and the adults at Share & Care decorated the houses and cookies. Afterward, all the projects were used to decorate the Johnson Farm Archival Building for the Historical Society’s Christmas Open House, held on Sunday, December 5th. Altogether, there were 34 houses and 4 sets of cookies on display to bring out the holiday spirit. After the Open House the school kids were allowed to take their project home for the holiday school break.

In addition to these two groups being involved an additional10 houses were donated to the Anderson Island Young Life chapter. Word has it the youth in the group were very enthusiastic about taking the kits home as a part of their families’ Christmas celebration.