2nd Annual Anderson Island Open Studio Tour

The 2nd annual Anderson Island Open Studio Tour was held on the weekend of June 29th and 30th.  This year’s event was bigger and better than last year’s with a total of 9 studios and 16 artists in various mediums showing and selling their work.  The artists included Carol Paschal (Oil Painting), Maryanne Willumsen (Jewelry), David Siemons and Maggie Roberts (Ceramic Tableware, Garden Art, Sculpture), Bruce McIntyre (Pottery), Sybil McIntyre (Multi Media), Cyprienne Schroeppel (Weaving and Photography, Alexei Antonov (Oil Painting), Sean Griffin (Photography), Esther Stark (Acylic Painting), Bruce Higginbotham (Wood and Metal Craft), Linda Higginbotham (Carving), Daniel HIgginbotham (Painting and Photography), Michael McNally (Acrylic Painting), Belen Bilgic Schneider (Photography), Lynne Jacobsen (Oil Painting).

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