Island Bands Concert

August 11 was the date for the 2018 summer Island Bands Concert.  This is an annual event held each summer at the outdoor stage at the Johnson Farm.  Several of the local bands get together and put this event on for free for their adoring fans.  For the first time the event was a fundraiser for Island Arts.  The usual suspects included The Oro Bay Band, Island Jam and The Anderson Family Band.

You’d think the concert being in August would guarantee clear skies but this year Mother Nature was not cooperative.  The weather forecast looked bad at first so the bands and their sound engineer began the day setting up inside the new Archival Building on the Johnson Farm property.  After a short period of time it looked like the weather was going to cooperate so the whole gang moved to the outdoor stage.  This is no small task.  Once they were pretty much set up . . . . . the rains came anyway and they had to move back inside.

The concert came off after a whole lot of scrambling and gnashing of teeth and the crowd had a great time.

Pictures below are from previous years’ outdoor concerts.  We hope to add some pictures of this year’s event soon.  Please stay tuned.

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